• Lou 38

Lou 38

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This Loureiro was sourced from Rui Paiva, nephew of Biodynamic producer Fernando Paiva. Rui has 4 hectares of mostly 20-year-old vines in the Vinho Verde area of Felgueiras. The harvest was done by three generations, Rui, his 80-year-old father and his nephew. Grapes were placed on 20kg boxes and taken to Bojo do Luar cellar, 7km away, by a small pickup truck, in which only 38 boxes could fit at a time. Hence, the inspiration for the name of the wine. Upon arrival, the grapes were destemmed and moved into "ta/has" (100-year­old, 1.l00L amphoras) and stomped by foot. To each amphora, 1kg of ground chestnut flowers was added and immediately mixed into the mass. The fermentation started spontaneously after four days and continued slowly for three weeks. Before it was completed, with around 15g/l of residual sugar left, the mass was pressed and the wine was bottled, unfiltered with no added S02.

Country Portugal /Vinho Verde
Type  Loureiro
Year 2021

Bottle Size 75cl
Vol. 9.5%