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Escrito em 04 de novembro de 2021


A journey through the Douro through three wines that express its origin. The Douro region is divided into 3 sub-regions: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior.

Coming from several parcels in each sub-region of the Douro, they represent the 3 climates of the Douro, based on schist. Mediterranean/Continental climate
All wines have several blended varieties and are vinified and aged in cement vats.

Mateus Nicolau de Almeida in 2015 created his personal project centered on Vila Nova de Foz Côa and fulfilled his old dream of being a caveman, producing hermit wines. He excavated his cellar in the schist in front of his house, equipped it with cement vats and some daring granite imagined with his architect mentor Pedro Jervell from Skrei, and launched full steam ahead in exploring the singularities and nuances of each. Douro sub-area through wines

Transdouro Express that decline the red Douro in its Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior versions, revealing the distinct climates of the Douro. The grapes are purchased from winegrowers who have been following them over the years and the composition of the varieties among the 3 wines from 3 different sub-regions is similar so that this is not the decisive factor, but the geographical location of greater or lesser proximity to the Atlantic. When he slowed down and left the inter-Douro supernatural journeys, he isolated himself in the cave to ferment blank monastic ideas that gave birth to white Hermits (Amon de Kelia, Paulo de Tebas and Antao do Desert), from some of the vineyards he already worked on, in the area of ​​Muxagata and Vila Nova de Foz Côa, which are variations on the Rabigato variety according to soil, altitude and exposure.