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About us

We are a Natural wine shop in centre of Oporto city.

We love wine and love sharing the portuguese wine culture. From North to the South we try to found a best selection of good and tasty natural wine in Portugal. 

In this beautfull country you can found a huge range of grape, soils and weathers, so it's easy to found diferent wine just changing region. 

Natural wine it's starting to be very popular in Portugal and many producers and winemakers are poping up with new wine in more or less every region in Portugal.

Jorge is the onwer of the store and is background come for several years in the Paris, Oporto hospitality, as a Barman and restaurant manager, he take a sommellier course in 2018 and don´t stop tasting wine since!


Garrafeira especializada em vinhos naturais, biodinâmicos e de baixa intervenção. Wine shop specialized in natural, biodynamic and low intervention wines. Bodega especializada en vinos naturales, biodinámicos y de baja intervención.